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Stanislawski - Theaterarbeit nach System.

Kritische Studien zu einer Legende  von Karin Jansen

Wiss.-historisches Fachbuch Berlin, Wien, New York 1995   -  timeless up to date


 Stanislawski - Theater- arbeit nach System von Karin JansenStanislawski - Theater- arbeit nach System von Karin Jansen  This textbook shows the development as well as the fundamentals of the "system", the methods of drama pedagogy of the director, actor and creativity researcher Konstantin S. Stanislawski, both scientifically founded and clearly described.

The right book especially for those who are interested in history as well as social and political changes. More information here.

Available via  über amazon  oder eurobuch.
The book is currently available in German only.

Now for 29,95 €











Breathing Exercise

Platon und Aristoteles, aus der Freske Schule von Athen, von Raffael, Foto C. MayPlaton und Aristoteles, aus der Freske Schule von Athen, von Raffael, Foto C. May


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Breathing Exercise Lotos Flower*

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@staphBlog @staphBlog Take at least 10 minutes, best 15 - 20 minutes including for quiet attuning and for conclusion.  You can do this exercise alone or together with a friend.

Before starting please read the description of the exercise until the end and please take note of the information. 


If you haven't yet a place for meditation arranged, look for a appealing pleasant at your home. You can sit on a greenfield site as well, or in the cold season on a park bench, if you like to be outside. With some training it is possible to do it at your workplace or wherever. 


Let's start:

Just sit down on a chair or a floor cushion, maybe you prefer sitting cross-legged. Make sure that you are sitting straight but without stress. It may be comfortable for you, you may lean at back of a chair. Your feet should have contact with the floor, best you make the exercise barefoot. 

     Let your chin sink a bit towards your chest, so your neck and shoulders become a bit soft stretched, and let your arms relaxed falling down beneath your body. Put your hands with the palms up on your thighs. Try to feel some lightness and wellbeing the way you are sitting now.

Close your eyes or fix a point near you, e.g. the picture on the screen or a tree in the park,a pic in the room. Now we are ready to start with conscious breathing, the exercise Lotus Flower.

Take a deep breath through the nose and breathe out slowly through the mouth. Look that you let all your breath out before you are breathing in again. Repeat that in and out breathing six times. Pause and feel your natural breathing now for a little time. Enforce nothing and let your breath flow.


Now you achieve the core of the exercise: Draw your attention to your hands. With the inhale fold your fingertips from both hands like the petals of a flower, which is closing her bloom to the night - open your fingertips and spread your hands with the quiet exhalation. Take care again that you breathing out very well before you start with inhalation by closing your petals again. You are now at the core of the exercise. Enjoy that and repeat the closing and opening of your hands in harmony with your breath until 10 times.  Be attentive that you are breathing stressless and don't inhale with pressure but let your breath flowing.

Pause again and enjoy that your conscious sitting, your wellbeing, feeling yourself and open your eyes slowly.  Look around you and finish the exercise with a silent hissing through your teeth, stretch your legs, stand up or go on with your business. The exercise is finished, you should feel more relaxed and refreshed. 


Warning: If you got some dizziness during the exercise - maybe in cause of a higher level on breathing - or some other indisposition break up immediately.  Never press your breath. If you have an illness or such a crisis be carefully and ask your doctor by any doubt if you may do such exercises - without a teacher. Normally it happens nothing wrong but you should be healthy. I assume no liability.


*That's one of the many exercises I work with at coaching and training-seminars for a more stressless living and for mental strengthening of your personality.                                                                                                                                                                         >>> Kontakt.



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