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Stanislawski - Theaterarbeit nach System.

Kritische Studien zu einer Legende  von Karin Jansen

Wiss.-historisches Fachbuch Berlin, Wien, New York 1995   -  timeless up to date


 Stanislawski - Theater- arbeit nach System von Karin JansenStanislawski - Theater- arbeit nach System von Karin Jansen  This textbook shows the development as well as the fundamentals of the "system", the methods of drama pedagogy of the director, actor and creativity researcher Konstantin S. Stanislawski, both scientifically founded and clearly described.

The right book especially for those who are interested in history as well as social and political changes. More information here.

Available via  über amazon  oder eurobuch.
The book is currently available in German only.

Now for 29,95 €











Food with Heart and Mind

Platon und Aristoteles, aus der Freske Schule von Athen, von Raffael, Foto C. MayPlaton und Aristoteles, aus der Freske Schule von Athen, von Raffael, Foto C. May


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Food with Heart and Mind

                 Here you will find healthy nutrition tips and simple recipes from the vegan lifestyle
              also for balanced mixed dieters and part-time vegetarian healthy and recommended!


           Let your food be your cure and your cure your food!    Hippokrates von Kos (ca. 460 - 370 BC)

Green lunch

Posted 18/4/2019

Not only on Maundy Thursday it is very delicious to have your plate full of green vegetables and herbs.

You will feel well and strengthened after this lunch wth it's valuable ingredients Mother Nature offers in green vegetable.  Alll ingrediants are organic and the lunch is vegan.




It is a vegetable mix of



broccoli and


with dried and fresh herbs of


wild garlic and


Adding green asparagus

is very tast too.


Good Appetit!


Foto #staphblog ©Karin JansenFoto #staphblog ©Karin Jansen

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Great pomegranate

Posted 27/2/2019


 The pomegranate is an absolutely wonderfull superfruit, you shouldn't miss.



#staphblog © Karin Jansen#staphblog © Karin Jansen

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Crack the nut: nut magic for heart and mind

Posted 6/12/2018

In the discounters we find like every year somehow excessively early Christmas speculaas, marzipan and gingerbread. However, with their mostly substantial sugar content, they are not always very healthy.  And little and big fat pads like to accumulate in winter, by the way.

In this respect, I advise to resort to the biological treats, even if it costs more, best the vegan biological. They provide you with complete nutrients and mostly taste better too.


Also nuts from the fresh harvest are available again. The self-cracking has something special as I think. To get to the coveted core, you have to take the matter into your own hands. There are also fewer nice surprises, as in real life, bitter nuts to sort out. The great rest we can taste.


© Karin Jansen© Karin Jansen

At the latest to Santa Claus Christmas Nibbler is really announced. This is traditional and makes sense.

Nuts were already used as a remedy by different peoples in various cultures, whether in the Persians, in China or in the European Middle Ages. Hildegard von Bingen especially recommended the almond. Also, they often gave rise to a certain veneration and were considered fertility symbol.

For the birth of a child nut trees were planted in some places, they should protect from evil spirits. The myths about them do not come as a surprise, as they arrived in Europe just in time for the cold winter, to be able to survive the cold season better than extraordinary nutrient-rich energy donors.

For centuries, Nicholas has traditionally brought nuts and apples, which he has brought to the door of poor people at the origin of this rite.

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Vegan diet is heart healthy

Posted 10/10/2018

© Karin Jansen© Karin Jansen



The variety of soy, seitan or lupine patties is so big that a varied menu is possible every week.

Here we once roasted smoked-tofu slices with rosemary in oil, served with gnocchi and zucchini vegetables with chives. Like venison, the roasts with a bit of peelberry jam get a further flavor enhancement.
Below we have a typical winter dish: kale with jacket potatoes and roasted strips of smoked tofu, which can also be refined with a mild mustard.


The vegan diet is healthy. This has since been noted in various studies and many vegans experience it themselves that they have more energy. It is especially good for the heart, which is a big plus given the still high number of cardiovascular diseases in our modern societies. It not only improves the quality of life but also extends life expectancy. This leaves e.g. determine by lowering blood pressure. The elimination of animal fats and more vegetables bring the health benefit.


You do not have to rely on vegetables, salad and fruit. On hearty, hearty dishes, which we have just now in the colder season appetite must be waived no way.




Both dishes are very filling, the roasts or roasted strips fried in olive oil. The smoked tofu gives the dishes the hearty taste and the firm consistency, so that the impression is quite, to have eaten a meal with meat. Many, including myself, like to call such tofu pieces in German Vleisch instead of Fleisch (meat).

These soybean mealtimes provide us with the essential proteins and vitamins. The potatoes are a very healthy vegetable with lots of vitamins, at least when we eat them as boiled potatoes. The kale, green leafy vegetables in general, is highly recommended for vegans to be able to absorb enough iron.


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Refreshing watermelone

Posted 12/7/2018

???? The watermelon is not only very delicious and refreshing during the , but also very with its good nutrients.

Buy them as a whole, not cut open, the pulp in the light loses its vitamins. Stay healthy!                                                

are almost always delicious and , but now they are just great ???????????????? helpers from    Keep Cool!

Take 5 per Day

Posted 4/3/2018

Take 5 servings per day of fruits and vegetables.                                                                                                                                                       

Fresh fruit and cereal with milk - preferably a vegetable milk - or soy yogurt is a fresh energy topper for a good start to the day.

Scrambled Tofu

Posted 14/4/2017

Enjoy a light healthy meal that is prepared quickly, and as always free of animal suffering and vegan:

Scrambled tofu with potatoes in the skin and tomato salad. For the scrambled tofu you need:

  • white nature tofu
  • onion
  • a bit sojamilk
  • soyasauce
  • salt and pepper
  • curcuma for the yellow colour
  • indian Kala Namak salt for the special egg taste
  • Frying oil, linseed oil

For the salad:  tomatoes, some green salad and fresh herbs at your own option, here parsley.

Boil the amount of potatoes you need.

For prerparing the scrambled tofu please look here at the video.

I myself eat it rather for lunch, but maybe you like the hearty meal for breakfast. For lunch or even in the evening, taste the tomato salad with oil and vinegar, the potatoes refined with some organic linseed oil. Ready!






Mushrooms in Cococreme +

Posted 10/2/2017


This fast savoury mushroom dish finds its special charm through its fruity accompaniment, the orange pieces. They fit very well to the hearty mild mushrooms in coconut cream on noodles. This saturating meal lends a freshness kick at noon, in order to accomplish his daily work without a heavy diet in the stomach. 100% vegan. 100% delicious.

Flash-fry the small mushrooms and onions in a little oil on medium heat. Add coconut milk cream, season with salt, pepper and dried wild garlic. Cook vegan whole grain noodles without egg.  Cut orange into pieces, garnish with soyoghurt and cocoa powder.

Reach and enjoy with fresh spring water.



Ragout fin - vegan

Posted 22/12/2016


This fine dish is excellent as a main meal for a dinner on the feast days with family or friends. Also (insightful) meat eaters can become enthusiastic about the vegan cuisine. It leaves nothing to be desired, especially with a starter and a dessert.

The so-called textured soy meat, used here, surprises with its delicate "meat", which is very similar to tender veal meat, its taste comes from the spices of the sauce. It may well pass for a fine veal ragout, many people do not notice the difference as it's case with some soy preparations. In addition, it is healthy: proteins, vitamins and high in fiber, so it can be expected a wonderful animal suffering free feast. It is - as almost all dishes in the staphBlog - uncomplicated to prepare.


pies from vegetable oils, soy chunks (textured), mushrooms or chanterelles,

locust bean gum, creamy coconut milk (canned), fresh lemon juice,

salt, pepper,some oil, vegetable stock, dry white champahne brut.  


The soy meat is thus bought in the form of dry soy chunks or soy shredded, it is nowadays available in many discounters, in any case in organic and vegetarian shops. Before cooking it is soaked in a hot vegetable broth until the "meat" is soft. The chunks are not to be cooked at first, but only swell!


Meanwhile you clean the mushrooms and provides the other ingredients. The actual cooking process now is pretty quick: Stir-free the drained soy meat and mushrooms in a saucepan over medium heat with a little oil shortly, so the mushrooms are just cooked, deglaze with a bit dry white wine. In another pot, stir the vegetable broth with the carob bean gum, stir in a generous amount of coconut cream, season with lemon, salt and pepper.

 Raise soy meat and mushrooms gently into the sauce and cook over medium heat, season to taste and fill the baked-pies with vegan ragout fin.

Serve hot and with a green salad with fresh dill and rich the court with a white dry burgundy or enjoy a vegan champagne brut. Voilá!

Vegetable with Superfood Broccoli

Posted 10/12/2016

 Noodles with crunchy vegetables and tofu

are served in the Asian kitchen. Sharp or less spicy, these dishes represent an easy digestible, tasty and delicious lunch meal, which is also suitable for the second part of the day. And, if you prepare them yourself these dishes are made in the wok quickly. The Asian cuisine, with its traditionally widespread vegetarian diet, is a bit ahead of us, even if it unfortunately does not use wholemeal pasta or rice and rarely  organic genetically unmodified tofu products.


Ingrediants Vegetable Pan with Brokkoli

On the picture above you can find a full-valued vegetable meal from broccoli and zuchini, a bit gralic and gen-free soya-strips,  with wholecorn noodles from the wok, topped with soy sauce and pepper and some lemonjuice, with a side dish of tomatoes with chives.


 Countries of origin

The green cabbage from the family crucifers comes originally from Asia and went over the sea route to Italy, where it was further developed to broccoli as we know it today. It was very much appreciated by the ancient Romans and they brought in the rest of Europe. In Germany, where we mainly know the white cauliflower, he has only been on the market for several decades. The regular consumption of broccoli is not only recommended for its beautiful green color and delicate taste.

Broccoli is a superfood and should be on the menu quiet often  - as the white cauliflower


Broccoli should be used as often as possible in your vegetable meal. in Asian cuisine it is rarely missing.

It does not only taste very well, it is crunchy, so bite-proof or delicately cooked a source of good ingredients, which is good for our health. Its richness of vitamins and minerals makes it a superfood, which is particularly interesting for vegans, since it also provides a lot of calcium, iron and proteins in addition to the important folic acid, potassium, vitamins A and C, zinc and beta carotene. The content of sulforaphane, which has been classified as a cancer inhibitor in relevant studies* in the USA and now also in Germany, is especially valuable.

*Off-Topic: The fact that numerous test animals die and suffer for this proof with comparative studies is unacceptable. Animal experiments in which carcinogenic substances are given for research purposes are in any case unethical. This could have been shown differently, also in other diseases comparative studies with already diseased people are carried out. ***********    


As with any vegetables, it is recommended to consume biodynamic cultivation. The broccoli florets should be dark green or almost violet when you process it. The stalk, so far as it is not woody, and the small leaves are eaten as they are just as valuable as the florets. Enjoy your meal!

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